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Kezna Dalz

Costume de bain rideaux de douche Montréal Québec artistes Pony, Marc-Olivier Lamothe, Ben Tardif, Léveillé Limitée, Kezna Dalz, Lovestruck prints Rideaux de douche, Costume de bain, Rideaux de douche

A young Montreal, Quebec, based artist, Kezna Dalz is a nugget of sensibility that must be discovered in all her richness. Also known as Teenadult, she seeks in her paintings, digital or more traditional illustrations to touch hearts through images. She unveils our sensibilities hidden behind masks, reveals faces and shapes without superficial layers. A deep, humane, certainly sincere work.

Teenadult works a pop neo-expressionism with very clear messages: modern love complicates the relationships of beings attached to black women in their intimacy, in their solitary and loving dialogues, social and political. Her work is for everyone without distinction, in the consciousness of a human collective that cannot function in division.


Shower curtain: In my dreams I ________