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Logo de Costume de bain

MC Marquis


MC Marquis is an artist whose practice is rather multidisciplinary. Touching both graphic design and visual arts, she is inspired by souvenirs, nostalgia, pop culture, Québec identity and her own emotions which she expresses with humor, a feminine touch and a colorful sensitivity. 

In her gallery work, Marie-Claude has mastered the art of re-appropriation in giving found objects new meaning. That way she can give these objects a second life, prolong their existence and reduce her own environmental impact. Mainly by typographical interventions, she always finds a way to give new meanings to these antiques. The result of her work is often humorous, sometimes irreverent but always keeps a big focus on aesthetics.

At the entrepreneurial level, Marie-Claude is the creator of MERCI BONSOIR a line of products which she conceptualizes, illustrates and designs. Creating mostly stationery, accessories, games and household items, her line is sold in more then 35 Canadian boutiques and in her own online stores.

Photo by Christophe Sauvé