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Circular Shower Curtain: Reuse and Transform

Are you changing your shower curtain and not sure what to do with the old one? Bring it to us! We will collect it. Whether it's a Costume de bain curtain or from another company, as long as it's made of fabric, we will find a way to recover and transform it.

The shower curtain circular recovery program aims to promote the sustainable use of shower curtains by encouraging their reuse and recycling. It aims to reduce the waste generated by end-of-life shower curtains and extend their useful life through effective recovery practices.

The program has several components to achieve its objectives:

Awareness and education:

  • Informing consumers about the benefits of reusing and recycling shower curtains.
  • Raising awareness about the environmental impact of discarded shower curtains and the importance of integrating them into a circular economy.
  • Providing practical advice on how to extend the lifespan of shower curtains.

Selective collection:

  • Setting up specific collection points in certain public places, such as our sales points. Additional relevant drop-off locations are coming soon.
  • Encouraging consumers to bring back their used shower curtains rather than throwing them in the trash.


  • Manufacturing products using recycled shower curtains.
  • Establishing partnerships with local organizations, homeless shelters, reception centers, and other institutions to distribute products made from recycled shower curtains.


  • Working in collaboration with companies specialized in textile manufacturing to recover materials from end-of-life shower curtains.
  • Transforming recycled materials into new products, such as floor mats, reusable bags, or waterproof accessories for dogs.

Research and development:

  • Investing in research for more sustainable materials in shower curtain manufacturing, promoting environmentally friendly design.
  • Encouraging innovation in manufacturing processes to facilitate future recycling of shower curtains.

The shower curtain circular recovery program requires the collaboration of manufacturers, retailers, consumers, and government organizations. Its aim is to transform shower curtains into valuable resources rather than waste, thus reducing the environmental impact of this industry and promoting a more sustainable economy.

Now you may be wondering how to participate. Wash your old shower curtain and bring it to one of our sales points* or directly to our workshop in Montreal. If you need more information, feel free to contact us!

*excluding La Maison Simons